Rajul Jain

My Little Battle with Tuberculosis

After an entire day of Holi festivities and everyone walking around with polychromatic faces, I was bound to fall asleep the moment my head hit the pillow. The next morning, I woke up with a tiny lump on my collarbone… Continue reading →

I hate shopping; online doesn’t count!

I am a girl and I hate shopping! Wait, before you draw your stereotypical swords out and attack, let me state this – I love having new things, I just hate the part where I need to move my ass… Continue reading →

Nada vs Elastic – Evolution gone wrong!

Before I start, let me define Nada for you. Nada (नाड़ा in Hindi) is basically a drawstring that is used to tighten your sweatpants or pyjamas around your waist. Now the utility world as we know it is continuously evolving… Continue reading →

About Time

Hellow Fellow! This is my first step in the blogging universe and I’m super excited; so pardon me for all the extra exclamations used. Yayy! Let’s begin! Who am I? I’m Rajul, a 22 year-old homo sapien hailing from Central… Continue reading →

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