Before I start, let me define Nada for you. Nada (नाड़ा in Hindi) is basically a drawstring that is used to tighten your sweatpants or pyjamas around your waist. Now the utility world as we know it is continuously evolving and trust me, I’m all for it. But sometimes and not very often, evolution can go wrong – and one such case is of elastic band replacing nada in pyjamas, sweatpants, yoga pants or bottoms in general. I conducted a survey which revealed that 14 out of 20 people (This figure is not to scale. I asked exactly 20 people.) still prefer nada over elastic for their pants. So here I present my case to you, your honour – Nada vs Elastic.

  • Elastic is sizeist.
    Elastic is all happy and snuggly when you’re lean but the problem arises when you start putting on. It gets suffocating! Yes, I’m talking about the painful red ring it leaves around your waist.
  • Nada provides career options.
    The use of nada teaches you how to tie a secure knot which comes in handy when you have to tie shoelaces, ribbons or even become a kidnapper. There is no chance the hostage escapes once you’ve tied them to a chair (typical Bollywood style).
  • Elastic is risky when you have evil friends.
    Imagine dancing on a bar table with your elastic pants on and your friends all around. Well who am I kidding? No one would ever dare to do it. Reason you ask? They wouldn’t blink twice and pull your pants down. Haww! Shame Shame!
  • Nada is trendy.
    You get all types of colours, sizes and patterns in a nada. “I want the red and zigzag one! No No! I want the mauve and wriggly one!” Moreover, you can tie it low- waist, high-waist, mid-waist or just keep switching! See? Options!
  • Elastic can kill.
    If you fall off a cliff along with a friend and hang on to their legs, all you can pray for is that they are not wearing elastic pants because no matter how tight you hold, you will slip eventually peeling their second skin along with yourself.
  • Nada is personalized.
    If you are at a buffet dinner, you can always adjust your nada pre and post the meal. Just as a liquid takes shape of the vessel it is poured in, nada takes the shape (or diameter) of the waist it is tied to.

That said, Elastic pants do serve a purpose and a very significant one indeed because when nature calls you on a short notice, none of the aforementioned points matter. All that matters is how fast your pants drop!